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What Is A Veg Box?

Veg box A veg box is literally a box (or bag) of vegetables delivered to your home. It usually comes direct from the grower.

The contents are generally seasonal and locally produced, where possible.

This means that you'll be eating food that was harvested in the last few days, rather than 6 weeks ago, which is often the case with supermarket fruit and vegetables.

The main idea behind a vegetable box scheme is that you are supporting the local farmers directly, helping them earn a fair price for their produce, whilst cutting your own costs.

You are also reducing food miles, because your tomatoes haven't been flown in from, say, Spain, and then transported around a network of national distribution centres, before going to the supermarket shelves.

Most vegetable boxes are organic. But it's important to check this with the supplier, before you commit, if that's something that's important to you.

During times like the "hungry gap" in May, before the main summer crops are ready, many producers supplement their vegetable boxes with imported fruit and veg. Most are concerned about food miles, so will try to minimise this. Again, check before ordering, if this is important to you.

One of the best bits of getting an organic veg delivery is the element of surprise. You're not quite sure what you're going to get, until it arrives! With some deliveries, you can check their website a couple of days before. But with others it's a complete unknown until the box arrives at your front door.

This can be challenging, though.

In fact, we did a survey in June that showed 50% of people who give up on their box scheme did so becuase they got fed up of not knowing what to do with the "unusual" items in the delivery. In the words of one ex-box-scheme-user:

"The veg box became part of the problem, rather than the solution. We'd get to the end of the week and have random fruit and vegetables left over, but not know what to do with them."

And that's one of the things that inspired us to create this site.

One of the things we enjoy most about our veg box delivery is the seasonal variety. Yes, it can get frustrating, knowing we could pop to the supermarket and buy whatever we want, even out of season. But it's also strangely exciting, looking forward to the arrival of butternut squash in the autumn, or strawberries in June.

How to choose the right veg box for you.

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