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Parmesan Graters

Parmesan cheese is harder than cheeses such as Cheddar, so it's worth getting hold of a specialised Parmesan grater, if you use it a lot.

I once broke the blade on my (admittedly geriatric) food processor by trying to grate a chunk of very ripe Parmesan...

So here's a whistle-stop guide to choosing your ideal Parmesan grater.

Why Use A Parmesan Grater?


Parmesan doesn't grate well on a standard cheese grater.

Parmesan is a very hard, strong-flavoured cheese.

It's traditional to either grate it very finely or make "Parmesan shavings" for recipes.

It really doesn't work so well if you just grate it on the standard "Cheddar cheese" holes of your cheese grater.

A specific Parmesan grater might seem like a luxury, but it doesn't cost much and, if you enjoy Parmesan, you'll find yourself using it all the time.

What To Look For

CKS Stainless Steel Parmesan GraterLook for a grater that's going to be hard-wearing. Avoid anything fiddly (you'll never use it) or anything that uses plastic to help you grate - it's likely to break.

Stainless steel is a great option, because it's easy to keep clean.

Think about how you'd prefer to use it and where you're going to store it. There's no point having a beautiful grater that you never use, because it's too complicated or you can't reach it, hidden at the back of the cupboard!

By choosing a grater intended for Parmesan, you should find the actual grating surface is sharper and more wear-resistant than a standard cheese grater.

The Options

Good Housekeeping Parmesan Grater Teal GraterParmesan graters come in 2 main types:

I would suggest going for a manual grater, rather than an electric one, because old Parmesan can be really hard and risks blowing up the motor!

Also, the heat generated during high speed grating can cause the Parmesan to start to melt.


Share Your Experiences

Personally, I like the "store-on-board" style, because I keep most of my Parmesan in the freezer, but take a chunk out every now and then to keep in the fridge. The fact I don't have to hold the Parmesan to grate it means I'm not leaving sweaty finger marks all over the unused cheese to go mouldy in the fridge.

But then again, there's also the easy simplicity of a grater you can just grab out of the drawer and then chuck in the dishwasther!


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