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MandolinI don't get my mandolin out very often because, to be honest, I'm a teensy bit scared of it.

But when it does come out of the cupboard, it's worth its weight in [** substitute your own favourite ingredient here **]!

A mandolin will make really light work out of finely slicing any fruit or veg, or making "julienne" strips for carrots, or shredding cabbage for coleslaw, or even grating.

Why Use A Mandolin?


Please, please, please watch your fingers when using a mandolin!

If you're looking to thinly slice or shred an ingredient, a mandolin is a great way to do it. Simply stick the holder into the vegetable and move it along the runners, past the blade.

French onion soup is one of the recipes I'd take ages to make without a mandolin.

The only thing to be aware of it that you need to keep the blades really sharp and your fingers well out of the way...

What To Look For

You're more likely to use a mandolin that is easy to clean, so check whether it comes apart for washing.

Given that it'll take up space in your cupboard, you might as well go for one with inserts for different functions, to make it as flexible as possible.

The Options

Good Housekeeping Parmesan Grater Oranges sliced on a mandolin
The 2 main options when buying a mandolin are whether to go for a plastic frame or a metal frame.

In theory, you'd expect a metal one to last longer, but at the end of the day, there's probably not much in it, unless you're a heavy user. You'll probably have to make a decision based on looks and price!


Share Your Experiences

My mandolin is great. I don't use it very often because it's most useful when I'm cooking in bulk. For smaller quantities I just use a sharp knife!

What are your thoughts on mandolins? Please get in touch!


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