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Cooking should be fun - and easy. And it's often easier if you have the right equipment.

We've compiled some whistle-stop-tour buying guides, to help you choose the right gear for your cooking needs.

So whether you're considering an easy-to-use hand blender, a funky lemon zester or even a pasta maker, follow the links to find out everything you need to know, to help you make the right choice.

Parmesan GratersParmesan Graters
Parmesan cheese is harder than cheeses such as Cheddar, so it's worth getting hold of a specialised Parmesan grater, if you use it a lot.

I once broke the blade on my (admittedly geriatric) food processor by trying to grate a chunk of very ripe Parmesan...

So here's a whistle-stop guide to choosing your ideal Parmesan grater.

Hand BlendersHand Blenders
I'd be lost without my hand blender, but then I make lots of soups and sauces.

I don't have a huge amount of space in my kitchen, so having something I can shove in a drawer out of sight and grab when I need it is really useful, rather than having to unpack a full-sized food processor.

Salad Dressing ShakerSalad Dressing Maker
Of course, you can always use a screw top jam jar to make salad dressings. But if you fancy something a bit more formal (or attractive!), check out what to look for when buying a salad dressing shaker.

There's a wide range out there - glass vs plastic and even now with patented ceramic balls inside!

Pasta MakersPasta Maker
Making your own pasta is surprisingly easy, once you've got the hang of getting the right consistency.

And it tastes great!

Yes, you can make your own pasta using a rolling pin, but I find I get more reliable results with a pasta machine.

Citrus ZesterCitrus Zester
If you do a lot of cooking with citrus fruit zest, you'll probably want to invest in a zester, rather than making do with your cheese grater.

They don't take up much space and make it much easier to get the delicious flavour out of the outer level of skin of citrus fruit.

A mandolin will make really light work out of finely slicing any fruit or veg, or making "julienne" strips for carrots, or shredding cabbage for coleslaw, or even grating.

Garlic Presses
A garlic press is really useful if you want to finely mince garlic, so you don't end up with big lumps in a recipe.

If you're doing several cloves, then slicing or chopping gets tiresome and a garlic press comes into its own.

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