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Citrus Zester

Citrus Zester

If you do a lot of cooking with citrus fruit zest, you'll probably want to invest in a zester, rather than making do with your cheese grater.

They don't take up much space and make it much easier to get the delicious flavour out of the outer level of skin of citrus fruit.

Why Use A Citrus Zester?


Using a zester is kinder on the knuckles than a traditional grater!

Cleaning a zester is often easier than cleaning a full-sized grater. When trying to grate the zest from a lemon or lime, you're fiddling with quite a small piece of fruit and a traditional grater will often remove much of the bitter pith, as well as the flavoursome zest.

If you've ever tried using what I've always called the "vicious setting" on a traditional grater, you'll know what I mean about the process being high risk for your knuckles. A zester is specially designed to bypass this problem and keep your pudding as meat-free as you intended!

What To Look For

Look for one that's easy to clean, or you'll probably never use it! If you have to get out the scrubbing brush each time a recipe calls for lemon zest, you'll quickly find yourself missing out the ingredient!

So read beyond the sales pitch. It might say "dishwasher safe", but use your common sense to work out whether you think that'll work :-)

The Options

There are two types of citrus zester.

It's up to you which you prefer. Personally, I tend to use the strips, rather than grated version, as I find it easier to control the depth of zest and avoid the bitter pith. But that's just the way I use 'em!


Share Your Experiences

I love my zester. It's easy to use, easy to clean and lives in the drawer, just where I need it. It's so much safer than a normal grater and it made a great Christmas present!

What are your thoughts on citrus zesters? Please get in touch!

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