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Do you have a tasty seasonal recipe you'd like to share with the VegBox-Recipes community?

We'd love to hear from you. You can also join the community over at our sister site and upload your recipe there: - where it's free to swap, sell, give away, recycle and more

Please send us details of:

  • a little bit about the recipe's story: how you created it / where you discovered it.

  • the ingredients

  • method

  • any special advice / tips for making it

  • any comments or a message for us, if you wish.

Please note that by submitting a recipe, you are agreeing to allow VegBox-Recipes to publish it on the website! We are only able to include your original recipes. For copyright reasons, we can't include anyone else's.

If you would prefer us not to give you credit for your recipe and would rather be anonymous, please tell us in the "comments" box.

Thank you for joining in!

The VegBox-Recipes Team

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