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Press Release - 25th September 2006

The Great Mushroom Growing Challenge

Mushrooms The Great Mushroom Growing Challenge is all about getting kids interested in where food comes from.

Lots of children don't like mushrooms, yet they're a highly nutritious food.
One of the best ways to get your kids to try out new food is to get them to grow it, first. This gets them interested, helps them learn about the vegetable and increases the chances of them eating it.

But in autumn there's not much going on in the garden.

Fortunately you can grow your own mushrooms in a box in the kitchen cupboard.

Mushrooms start to lose their nutrients and flavour soon after picking, so you should eat them as fresh as possible, which is a good excuse to grow your own.

Kids love watching mushrooms grow because they double in size every 24 hours, so once the compost has started, you've got daily entertainment.

Plus there's something about the fact that mushrooms are a fungus that gets most children interested.

The Great Mushroom Growing Challenge is designed to help parents and teachers provide a focus and sense of competition for growing mushrooms.

Children can keep a mushroom diary and take photos to send in to us.

All entries will be published in The Mushroom Diaries


Children can share their stories and ask each other for advice.

The Great Mushroom Growing Challenge makes an ideal school project for the autumn term or a rainy afternoon activity for parents.

We suggest that the little ones are involved right from the beginning, even going to the garden centre to choose their mushroom growing box.

The Great Mushroom Growing Challenge will run until spring 2007.

For more information, please see:

The Great Mushroom Growing Challenge (for parents & teachers)

The Great Mushroom Growing Challenge (for kids)

The Mushroom Diaries

Notes to editor - about

Over 50% of people who give up on their veg box scheme do so because they don't know how to cook the vegetables they receive. aims to solve this problem by providing veg-box-friendly recipes that make it easy to use even obscure veg box ingredients.

The recipes use seasonal food, with a strong UK-grown bias.

Veg box schemes support the local food economy and reduce the burden on the environment, as well as providing fresher, more local food than supermarkets. Our research shows that subscribing to a box scheme improves your diet, by increasing the amount of vegetables you eat and getting them to you while they're still fresh and full of nutrients.

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