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Press Release - 1st February 2007

Results of National Veg Box Scheme Customer Survey Published

The results of the 2006 National Veg Box Customer Survey are published today, in a free report.

The aims of the survey were:
  • To understand what customers expect from their Veg Box Scheme provider
  • To identify how well schemes are meeting those expectations
  • To identify the growing trends in the veg box market

"The results are encouraging," says Clare Josa, of VegBox-Recipes. "They show that the vast majority of veg box providers are doing an excellent job and they give valuable pointers on what else customers would like their scheme to do."

The major findings of the survey were:
  • Quality is a basic expectation. Rubbery carrots, wilting lettuces and rotting plums are the quickest way to lose customers. However, people do understand that produce might not be as cosmetically appealing as supermarket equivalents.

  • Growing Trend
    Customers want to be able to opt out of vegetables they know they don't like. And they want to be able to change these preferences each season. Not being able to do this leads to waste, which they feel guilty about, so they give up on their veg box.

  • Growing Trend
    Customers want to be able to check on the internet each week, to find out what's likely to be in their box. Although they enjoy the element of surprise involved with a veg box, they like a little advanced warning, so they can plan ahead.

  • The majority of respondents want as much of the fruit and vegetables to be locally sourced, or at least from the UK. When it has to come from abroad, they were against air freighting.

  • 80% of respondents were very happy with the variety of produce provided by their veg box.

  • 90% of respondents believe their veg box is good or excellent value for money.

  • Supplying recipes with each week's box (particularly for unusual items) was an essential part of making the veg box easy and enjoyable to use.
    Note: Veg box suppliers can use our recipes free of charge.

Download and read the full report

The results of the survey may be circulated and republished, as long as full credit is given to

About The Survey

As part of the 2006 Veg Box Scheme Awards, UK veg box customers were asked to rate their veg box scheme on the aspects:
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Variety
  • Service
  • Value for money

Voters also had their say on what their veg box supplier is doing well and what they could do to improve.

These results have been analysed in conjunction with qualitative depth interviews, to produce the 2006 Veg Box Scheme Customer Survey report.

Notes to editor - about

Over 50% of people who give up on their veg box do so because they don't know how to cook the vegetables they receive. aims to solve this problem by providing veg-box-friendly recipes that make it easy to use even obscure veg box ingredients.

The recipes use seasonal food, with a strong UK-grown bias.

Veg box schemes support the local food economy and reduce the burden on the environment, as well as providing fresher, more local food than supermarkets. Our research shows that subscribing to a veg box improves your diet, by increasing the amount of vegetables you eat and getting them to you while they're still fresh and full of nutrients.

Contact Details:

Clare Josa
Phone: 01425 403 408

Email: contact us

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