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Golden Gourds 2008

2007 UK Veg Box Awards

Nominatons open for the 2008 UK Veg Box Awards

And whether you are a customer of a vegbox scheme or a scheme provider you should definitely read on and vote via the homepage. Scheme owners should definitely let their customers know of course. You have got to be in it to win it :)
Press release for customers
Press release for schemes

Time To Get Veg Box Voting

2007 UK Veg Box Awards

Nominatons open for the 2007 UK Veg Box Awards on October 1st.

Please tell your readers about it, to help us make sure as many box scheme users as possible are represented in the voting.

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Results of National Veg Box Scheme Customer Survey Published

The results of the 2006 National Veg Box Customer Survey are published today, in a free report.

The aims of the survey were:
  • To understand what customers expect from their Veg Box Scheme provider
  • To identify how well schemes are meeting those expectations
  • To identify the growing trends in the veg box market

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2006 Veg Box Awards - Winners Announced

The winners of the 2006 Veg Box Scheme Awards have been announced. Find out who won and why.

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Nominations Now Open For 2006 Veg Box Scheme Awards

The 2006 Veg Box Scheme Awards celebrate the unsung heroes of the local food economy and aim to promote best practice.

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The Great Mushroom Growing Challenge

The Great Mushroom Growing Challenge is all about getting kids interested in where food comes from.

Kids love watching mushrooms grow because they double in size every 24 hours. Plus there's something about the fact that mushrooms are a fungus that gets most children interested.

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Tastes Of Britain

Clare Josa, founder of VegBox Recipes, is writing a seasonal recipes column each month for Tastes of Britain magazine.

Tastes of Britain allows readers to discover more about the nation's regional specialities, the producers, food heroes, and hear the stories behind the best food that Britain has to offer.

From Land's End to John O' Groats; from pheasant to fish and chips; pumpkins to puddings - if it's available on British shores it can be found in Tastes of Britain.

November 2007  |  Tastes of Britain Magazine

The Ecologist Magazine

We're in again,thanks to Paul Kingsworth in his allotment diary.

This time we’re recommended alongside Hugh Fearnley-Wittingsall as a resource for seasonal food recipes, with a particular mention for our Rogues’ Gallery (where you can identify mystery veggies and work out what to do with them).
October 2007  |  The Ecologist Magazine
Ecologist Magazine

The Ecologist Magazine

The Ecologist magazine is widely recognised as the top magazine for anyone into living ethically.

In the July / August issue we are named as their "website of the month" in their Green Pages section.

It's great that they're recognising the efforts we're putting into making it easier for people to choose organic, seasonal, local food.
July / August 2007  |  The Ecologist Magazine
Delicious Magazine

Delicious. Magazine

Delicious. prides itself on being a "deliciously different food magazine".

In a feature about ethical food, they have recommended us in their "How To Be A Savvy Organic Shopper" section.

Coralie Dorman writes,
"This website champions organic food with lots of hints and information on organic fruit and vegetables, tried-and-tested recipes and a special section for kids. Visit"
July 2007  |  Delicious Magazine


Expert Topics / Story Ideas

  • Food shopping with a conscience
  • How to feed your family organic food - on a budget
  • Top tips for the journey into seasonal, organic cooking
  • Getting the most out of your veg box
  • How to choose the right veg box scheme for you
  • Dealing with ethical dilemmas as a consumer - e.g. organic garlic from China or non-organic from France?
  • How to raise a "green" toddler - from reusable nappies to ethical toiletries

What Our Visitors Say About Us

Great recipes. Had no idea what to do with butternut squash!
Rosie M.

Have just found your site. One word for it - brilliant!
Lucy S.

I like the simplicity and ease with which the recipes are conveyed

I used to think I hated broad beans, but now I've discovered I love them. Thank you!

Love your web site - Thank you
Anita, Australia

What a fantastic site! I'm doing some research into buying and cooking organic and free range but also eating the seasons. Your site has so much information. I'll definitely pass the link to my friends. Thanks!
Wendy, UK

Great looking site! I've been looking for something like this for ages for suggestions of what to do with winter veg. Well done!
Jonathan, UK

Excellent, excellent excellent! I have been searching for a site like this for ages. Thank you all!
Holly, UK

Just a quick note to thank you for a recipe. My wife had some parsnips she bought and didn't use, and with Thanksgiving approaching (American, you know) she asked me to "do something" with them before we had to discard them. Your "Roast Parsnip" recipe was lovely and different and delicious. Thanks so much!
Michael, USA

I think your website is great and very useful. I will certainly tell all my customers about it.
Anne, UK



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What Is A Veg Box?

A veg box is literally a box (or bag) of vegetables (and sometimes fruit) delivered to your home. It usually comes direct from the grower.

The contents are generally seasonal and locally produced, where possible.

The main idea behind a vegetable box scheme is that you are supporting the local farmers directly, helping them earn a fair price for their produce, whilst cutting your own costs.

You are also reducing food miles, because your tomatoes haven't been flown in from, say, Spain, and then transported around a network of national distribution centres, before going to the supermarket shelves.

Most vegetable boxes are organic. But it's important to check this with the supplier, before you commit, if that's something that's important to you.

About Veg Box Recipes is a website for people who are into organic, seasonal, local food.

It has hundreds of seasonal recipes, a free seasonal food guide, a picture gallery, to help people identify mystery veggies, and plenty of advice on what to do with them, once they've found them!

Veg Box Recipes consistently ranks in the top 5 websites in Google, worldwide, for seasonal recipe searches. Try searching for "butternut squash", "beetroot" or "Swiss chard" to see what we mean.

We know from our email in-box that the site helps people discover a passion for enjoying organic, seasonal and local food, and generally going "greener".

With over 125,000 unique visitors each month, it is one of the top green websites in the country.

Please note: we are completely independent of any veg box scheme or farm.

Why did we set it up?

Over 50% of people who give up on their veg box scheme do so because they don't know how to cook the vegetables they receive. aims to solve this problem by providing veg-box-friendly recipes that make it easy to use even obscure veg box ingredients. The recipes use seasonal food, with a strong UK-grown bias.

This makes them ideal for anyone who buys seasonal produce from a box scheme, farmers' market, farm shop or even grows their own. Veg box schemes support the local food economy and reduce the burden on the environment, as well as providing fresher, more local food than supermarkets.

Our research shows that subscribing to a box scheme improves your diet, by increasing the amount of vegetables you eat and getting them to you while they're still fresh and full of nutrients.

Note: we are an independent website, not affiliated to any veg box scheme.

Use Of Recipes

If you would like to publish any of the vegbox material please contact us at info {@}


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We are flexibile on advert placement and campaign duration, so can develop a solution to meet your needs.

To find out more, get our 2008 advertiser info pack now.


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