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Winter Greens

Winter Greens Is there such a plant as a "Winter Green"? When is it in season, exactly? And how do I cook Winter Greens?

In Season?
In general, you're likely to receive bagged greens from your supplier throughout Autumn and Winter. Which greens you will receive when will of course vary.
As with any leafy ingredient, look for bright, robust leaves with no wilting or yellowing.
Best stored in bags in the salad drawer.
Wash well before using to remove grit. If the stems are tender, use the whole thing as one ingredient. If the stems are tough, you can tear the leaves off along the stem and either compost the stems or use as two ingredients, chopping and cooking the stems for slightly longer.

More Winter Greens Information

"Winter Greens" is the collective name given to the edible leafy parts of a whole variety of vegetables. Although Wikipedia defines Winter Greens as being related closely to the cabbage, it might be more helpful to know that all of the following fall into the Winter Greens category: broccoli leaves, cauliflower leaves, chard, kale, mustard, pak choi, Savoy cabbage, spinach, spring cabbage, sprouts and turnip leaves or "turnip greens" if you're in the USA.

Graham's Rhubarb Pudding
Looking around for different ways to cook rhubarb as we have a lot of rhubarb in the garden,

  1. Wash rhubarb, cut into 3cm / 1" lengths and place in a flan dish covering the base.
  2. In a mixing bowl cream together the butter and sugar. Add the beaten egg.
  3. Mix in the flour and milk, lightly beat then spread over the rhubarb.
  4. Bake for 40/45 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 180C / 350F / Gas4. (Fan assisted 30/35 minutes at 160C).


Suggested Winter Greens Recipes

Black Nero Cabbage Soup

I must confess I never thought I would fall for "cabbage soup"!

So I was really surprised by how delicious this recipe is. Even my toddler came back for third helpings, which is unheard of...

Note: you can use kale or Savoy cabbage, too.

Dutch Potatoes with Winter Greens

This side dish is absolutely perfect for a cold Winter's night.

Dutch Potatoes with Winter Greens

This is just perfect for a cold night.

Kale And Roquefort Parcels

If you’ve got an excess of kale and a household that’s close to being fed up of eating it, here’s a recipe that should inspire them again. Or see the variations for ideas with chard or spinach.

Kale Pesto Pasta

This is a brilliant way of sneaking kale past fussy eaters. The garlic helps reduce the bitterness of the kale and the pine nuts add a sweet, nutty flavour. It also works well with spinach, chard or black nero cabbage.

Mustard Cabbage

Wholegrain mustard transforms cabbage into an inspiring side-dish. By sautéing the cabbage in butter, rather than boiling, it tastes sweeter and less cabbage-like. So this recipe might even tempt devout cabbage-haters back to the dinner table.

Pasta with Spinach and Broccoli Sauce

This recipe was submitted by Sarah Pond, a member of the Ooffoo community, as an entry to the 2009 Recipe Prize Draw. Thanks Sarah!

Porcini Mushroom And Spinach Quiche

This quiche is great with dried porcini mushrooms. nd it’s a great way to use up spare spinach. Or, if you prefer, you can substitute Swiss Chard.

Spicy Kale with Chickpeas

This recipe has come in from Jason H, who says:

"If you don't like the texture of chick peas then you could use mixed beans instead, in which case cook them for longer."

Thanks for the submission, Jason - it's a perfect recipe for the Winter months.

Spinach And Potato Curry

If you've got some spare spinach and fancy a filling evening meal, this one is easy to make. It's similar to the Indian Sag Aloo. It also works well with Swiss chard, instead of spinach.

Spinach Gnocchi

Adding winter spinach to gnocchi gives them a wonderful flavour, as well as boosting their vitamin content. Sometimes winter spinach can seem a bit tough, but using it in this variation on the Italian classic makes the most of the earthy-flavour of this leaf.

Stefan's Swede Cakes

Thanks so much to Stefan D for inventing this recipe and sharing it with us. We're inclined to agree with him when he says that he now prefers swede-based cakes to the more traditional potato variety!

Swiss Chard and Sesame Stir Fry

This lovely Swiss Chard recipe is easy to make, very colourful (if you use rainbow chard) and good for you, too, with a wonderful sweetness and a savoury crunch. Also works well with spinach.

Swiss Chard Pesto

This recipe is a variation on a traditional Egyptian dish. It includes the addition of toasted pine nuts and parmesan, to give more breadth to the flavour. If you'd rather cook just the traditional dish, see the Variations section.

This is a useful way to sneakily hide chard from a fussy eater!

Note: this recipe can be useful for using up a glut of Swiss Chard. You can keep the pesto in the fridge for up to 3 days - or you can freeze it in small pots.

Got one? Send us your recipe!

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