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Raspberries Raspberries are delicate in flavour and structure – their hollow core makes them very sensitive little souls, so handle with care when picking and washing. Then try them in cakes, pancakes and pies, as jam or sauce, or fresh in yogurt or ice-cream or on the side of that big slice of sticky chocolate cake… That's right, we can see you ;)

In Season?
Raspberries are in season in the UK from late June through until the end of August and possibly into early September.
Look for dry, plump fruits, not mushy ones. If you are buying in a plastic container, beware those with juice gathering at the bottom.
At room temperature, and eat within 2-3 days unless freezing them.
Yes, but then best to use them for cooking, as they go mushy when you defrost them. As with other berries, it’s best to freeze them in a single layer on a tray, and then transfer them to a freezer bag or container.
Delicately lovely when eaten just as they are, or with a dusting of icing sugar. To cook: remove the stalks and stones. Cook in their own juices or with a little sugar, if they’re tart.

More Raspberries Information

- It is thought that raspberries are native to Asia. The Romans cultivated them, and the leaf was commonly used for medicinal purposes.
- Raspberry growing is a massive industry in Scotland (15,000 tonnes a year in the Tayside region alone!).
- The now famous (or is it infamous) raspberry coulis is very easily made by pushing raspberries through a sieve and stirring in a little bit of icing sugar. Variations use lemon juice, vanilla, and a blender, but none of these are essential.
- Like the strawberry, the raspberry is a member of the rose family. Also like the strawberry, the raspberry is rich in “ellagic” acid, an anti-carcinogenic compound which is reputed to help prevent cancer or inhibit the growth of cancerous cells.
- Although you probably won’t find them in this corner of the world, it is possible to find orange, purple and yellow varieties.
- In the late 1950s, a steam train known to most as the Raspberry Special was used to transport raspberries from Scotland to Covent Garden.

- Ever blown a raspberry? Well, the origin of that expression is the Cockney rhyming slang “raspberry tart”. We’ll leave you to do the rest in your heads ; )

Suggested Raspberries Recipes

Raspberry Vinaigrette

Once made, this vinaigrette should keep nicely for up to one week if it’s in the fridge. What you do with it then is entirely up to you – you could try it with a goats cheese and seasonal leaf salad, perhaps, or drizzle it over seared tuna or your favourite roasted veg of the month.

Simple Souffle

So what is it about the word "Souffle" that strikes fear into the heart? When did souffles acquire the status of "that which is served at dinner parties only by the most accomplished of cooks"?

Because the reality is, they're easy peasy!

The only "critical" factor is getting your oven to the right heat and not opening the door to check it until 5 minutes before it should be done.

Our favourite tip is the check for done-ness. Give the souffle dish a sharp shove. The souffle should "tremble gently" (poor thing!) rather than wobble. A wobble means more cooking time is needed.

Here is our recipe for the basic souffle. See the "Variations" section for ideas on sweet as well as savoury fillings.

Strawberry and Raspberry Cheating Jam

This week, hubby and I snapped up some sale punnets of Kent strawberries and Scottish raspberries from a local shop.

On Tuesday night, we were just getting ready for bed, making the usual cups of tea and tucking our books under our arms, when he announced that he was going to toast some bread for a cheeky night time snack.

Now I LOVE toast.

But only if I can smother it with jam. Which we didn't have.

Was I deterred?

I'm NEVER deterred when it comes to toast. I decided to make cheating jam. Hubby retreated up the stairs muttering something about it being "hardly the time to be making jam, love."

Here's what I did...

Sweet Chestnut Chocolate Brownies

This seasonally nutty variation on a chocolatey cake favourite is scrumptious and takes only three steps ... Three steps to heaven?

Traditional Cherry Clafoutis

This traditional French dessert is so incredibly easy to make, and yet it's remarkably elegant. Certainly, if you use ramekins to make individual ones, it's idea for dinner parties. And yet it's so simple, it's also brilliant for family pudding, and (this is a bit naughty) it's lovely cold for breakfast, with the excuse that it's a bit like having pancakes! Just don't tell anyone we told you so...

Victoria Sandwich with Fresh Raspberry and Blueberry Filling

The Victoria Sandwich is a British "afternoon tea" classic, supposedly named by the staff at Osborn House in reference to Queen Victoria, who spent time in retreat there and enjoyed this particular treat as a favourite.

Our version uses fresh in-season raspberries and blueberries, "smooshed" (technical kitchen term) together by hand, rather than using jam.

Got one? Send us your recipe!

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