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Peas Green peas are usually seen in their frozen pea form, but they're readily available fresh, in their pods, from May to September. Podding peas takes a little effort, but the contents are so fresh and juicy that it's a summer treat, not to be missed.

In Season?
Peas come into season in the UK in late April and are around until the end of November.
Choose pea pods that are fresh. They should "pop" or "crack" when you split them.

Ideally, you want the pods to be bulging with peas and certainly not rattling - a sign that the peas have dried out.
It's important to keep peas refrigerated after picking, or their sugar content turns to starch and they lose their flavour. They will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days. Peas freeze well (boil for 1 minute and drain well before freezing).

Canned peas have less nutrients and flavour than frozen peas.
Crack the pods and run your thumb down the inside to gently remove the peas.

Cook in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

Quick Ideas

Minted Peas Boil with mint and then serve as a side dish.

Almond Peas Mix with rice and flaked almonds, for a quick salad.

Pea Guacamole Mash with lemon juice, a crushed clove or garlic and a splash of olive oil for a quick pea guacamole - tastier than it might sound!

More Peas Information

PeasPeas are a type of legume - in other words a vegetable that grows in a pod, like runner beans or chick peas.

The difference is that fresh green peas, once removed from their pods, only need a few minutes' cooking.

They are delicious and sweet when small, getting less sweet as they grow more mature.

Peas are a good source of protein. A cup of them contains more protein than a whole egg, yet they're much lower in fat.

But... they're also high in sugar, which means they should be eaten in moderation.

Dried peas were found in Ancient Egyptian tombs, but it's believed that the fresh, green varieties weren't cultivated until the 17th Century.

Did you know? The average pea weighs less than 1/4 gram!

Creamy Peas And Leeks
This is a super-easy recipe that brings out the delicious sweetness of late summer peas and leeks.
It takes less than 20 minutes and makes a great jacket potato filling or even an omelette topping!
Serves 4

2 medium / large leeks
200g frozen or fresh podded peas
100ml cream or natural yoghurt
100g hard cheese (such as Cheddar), grated
1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard
knob of butter or a little olive oil

  1. Wash the leeks well to remove any mud and then slice in half lengthways. Slice finely.

  2. Melt the butter or oil in a pan and saute the leeks gently for about 10 minutes, until softened.

  3. Add the peas. Cover and cook for 4-5 minutes, until hot.

  4. Remove from the heat and mix in the cream, cheese and mustard. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

  5. Return to the heat to gently warm through. Delicious with rice or as a jacket potato filling - or even a pasta sauce.


25 minutes

Suggested Peas Recipes

Andrew Williamís Spicy Vegetable Lasagna with Peppers

Here is fellow food blogger Andrew Williams' recipe for Spicy Vegetable Lasagna with Peppers.

Andrew says:

"I think itís safe to say that thereís more of an emphasis on Mexican that there is on Italian in this dish.

Ideally you should use habanero chilies to make this dish. The fruitiness of habanero chilies works really well in this dish. If you canít get them then donít worry as any chilies will do."

Chickpea "Chole" with Ginger and Tomatoes

This goes wonderfully with Spinach Aloo and Cinnamon and Pea Basmati Rice.

Cinnamon Rice with Peas

This dish makes a great accompaniment to Spinach and Potato Curry (which is also great with cauliflower instead of the potato, by the way).

We have also served it with Chickpea "Chole" with Ginger and Tomatoes.

Cracked Bulgar Wheat With Broccoli & Cream Cheese Sauce

This is a lovely recipe which makes a great lunch.
Cracked bulgar wheat is easy to cook and is available even in supermarkets nowadays. If you don't have any, you can substitute couscous or quinoa.
This recipe works well with tenderstem broccoli (picked before full heads form) or purple sprouting broccoli, later in the year.

Creamy Peas And Leeks

This is a super-easy recipe that brings out the delicious sweetness of late summer peas and leeks.
It takes less than 20 minutes and makes a great jacket potato filling or even an omelette topping!

Left-overs Pot Pie

This recipe was inspired by my dear friend Caroline P, an ex professional chef, who was describing to me her favourite way of using up savoury left-overs.

Do let us know if you try it. And if you want to use the left-overs without having to eat them immediately, these pies freeze really well.

Lemon Hummus

Fresh lemon rind and juice really lifts this hummus recipe, as well as adding a useful does of vitamin C. The chickpeas and tahini give you a calcium boost and the garlic is great for your immune system. Just as well it tastes delicious, too!

Peas and Pears Late Summer Salad

This is another one of the brilliant creations that emerge when hunger bumps noisily up against what's left in the fridge and the fruit bowl!

Peas With Baby Onions

This recipe is lovely with fresh peas, but frozen peas work well too. Baby onions (new season) taste best, and you can use them whole.

Spicy Kale with Chickpeas

This recipe has come in from Jason H, who says:

"If you don't like the texture of chick peas then you could use mixed beans instead, in which case cook them for longer."

Thanks for the submission, Jason - it's a perfect recipe for the Winter months.

Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus Sandwiches

This is a delicious way of enjoying hummus, with the sweetness of the sundried tomatoes and the crunchiness of the sprouted seeds. Chickpeas mean it's packed with vitamins and gives you a great energy boost for hours afterwards - and it only takes 5 minutes to make!

Super-quick cheating pizza

This super-quick pizza recipe can be rustled up in less than 10 minutes and tastes delicious, either with fresh summer tomatoes or a quick can of Italian chopped tomatoes. Fresh spinach or rocket makes this an easy, quick, healthy treat. See the variations for options with kale, courgette (zucchini) or peas!

Sweetcorn, Spinach and Broccoli Tortilla

This delicious recipe takes less than 10 minutes, making it an ideal after-work meal. You'll want to make 2 per person and they're light, but filling.

Experminent with adding other seasonal veggies like peas.

Vegetarian Burritos with Fresh Cucumber and Tomato Salsa

These are perfect for a more substantial lunch, sliced into bite sized pieces for party nibbles, served cold the next day in your lunch box, or at your next Mexican night with friends.

Winter Vegetable Soup

This soup is a family favourite. Itís a great way of using left-over winter vegetables and also sneaking a few more vitamins past the kids.

Got one? Send us your recipe!

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