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Parsley Parsley is (yet another) "super-food".

It might seem like a humble garden herb, but it's actually a excellent source of iron and vitamin C.

It's also been used over the centuries to treat a wide range of illnesses - and there's plenty of other folklore.

Flat leaf parsley is considered to have a better flavour than curly parsley, which is generally reserved for garnishes.

But, to be honest, use whatever you've got!

Use it while the stalks are still crisp, rather than wilty. If it looks like it's about to "turn", check out the ideas for storing parsley, below.
Everything you ever wanted to know about storing parsley (and other fresh herbs) is covered by Liz Alderson on her excellent website, The Herb Guide.

Find out how to freeze parsley.

Find out how to microwave parsley.

Personally, we find freezing it the easiest and most reliable method. Just chop it and put in ice cube trays with a little water. You must remember to "decant" the ice cubes into a bag, or they get freezer burn, which seems to spoil the flavour.
Parsley tastes best either chopped raw in salads or dips, such as hummus, or added at the end of cooking.

If you add it too early in the process, it tends to lose its colour and flavour.

If you're feeling a bit low on energy, just munch some raw parsley. The vitamins and iron will give you an instant boost.

Top Tip:

Had too much garlic for lunch? Eat some raw parsley (chew it well) and the problem's solved!

More Parsley Information

It's believed that parsley has been cultivated since 300BC.

Eastern medicine values parsley as a diuretic and believes it also plays a role in controlling blood pressure.

It is a good source of iron and its vitamin C content helps the body absorb the iron.

So although it's generally served as a garnish, it's worth eating it, along with your meal!

Did you know...?
In the Middle Ages, people believed you could kill your enemy by plucking parsley whilst saying their name!

Winter Vegetable Soup
This soup is a family favourite. It’s a great way of using left-over winter vegetables and also sneaking a few more vitamins past the kids.

Serves 4

  • ½ white / green cabbage
  • 1 large onion
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1 -2 medium potatoes
  • 1 litre vegetable stock
  • 2 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • Handful of fresh herbs (e.g. parsley, thyme leaves) or dried equivalent (use sparingly, if dried!)
  • 1 cupful of red lentils or yellow split peas - whatever you've got in stock
  • Salt & pepper to taste

  1. Peel the onion and chop it finely. Peel and crush the garlic.
  2. Heat the oil in a large soup pan and gently saut� the onion and garlic (covered) for 5 minutes.
  3. Chop the potatoes and add to the pan. Cover and cook for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally, to make sure they don't burn.
  4. Add to the pan with the stock and the lentils / split peas. Cook for 30 minutes, until the pulses are almost ready.
  5. Wash the cabbage and chop it. Add it to the pan and stir well. Add extra water if the mixture has got too dry. Cover and simmer gently for about 5 minutes, until the cabbage is soft.
  6. Remove from the heat and add the herbs. Liquidise until smooth. Add more water, if the soup is too thick.
  7. Season with salt and pepper to taste.


50 minutes

Suggested Parsley Recipes

Aioli (Provencal Garlic Sauce)

This garlic sauce can be used as a dip for bread or raw veggies or as an accompaniment to fish or vegetable bakes.

Aubergine & Courgette Bake

This is a great way of using up spare courgettes and aubergines, towards the end of the veg box's week. And it's so easy!

Autumn Vegetable Soup

This is a great way of using up the end of your veg box. It works well with most vegetables. It's a tasty, but healthy recipe, because you don't even need to use any fat. Just prepare the veggies, chuck them in a pan with the stock and stir occasionally. My kind of after-work cooking!

Black Nero Cabbage Soup

I must confess I never thought I would fall for "cabbage soup"!

So I was really surprised by how delicious this recipe is. Even my toddler came back for third helpings, which is unheard of...

Note: you can use kale or Savoy cabbage, too.

Celebration New Potato Salad

The new spuds herald an end to peeling and removing of suspect black bits from the old spuds! Here’s a recipe to celebrate their flavour in style!

Celeriac Soup

The flavour of this soup is subtle, but it gives you a chance to enjoy the celeriac, rather than masking its flavour.

Chickpea "Chole" with Ginger and Tomatoes

This goes wonderfully with Spinach Aloo and Cinnamon and Pea Basmati Rice.

Classic Chick Pea Hummus

Hummus (or humous) is a traditional Middle Eastern dip. It's a delicious way of using chick peas. It takes 5 minutes to make, so it's quick and nutritious.

Courgette Soup

What? Courgette soup? Are you sure? Yes! Sceptical at first, but now converted. Amazingly simple and a great way of using and preserving a glut of courgettes.
So whether you've got courgettes in your veg box for the 5th week in a row, or a glut from your allotment's 15 courgette plants, this soup makes a tasty change.

Cream Of Asparagus Soup

Cream of asparagus soup is a great way to use up any woody ends of asparagus spears or any late season asparagus that's a bit too tough to use in side dishes or salads.

It works well with green or white asparagus, so use whatever you can get hold of.

Fresh Tomato Sauce

Whether you're using a veg box, growing your own, or making the most of cheaper prices for in-season tomatoes, this fresh tomato sauce is a great way of using and storing ripe tomatoes.

Garlic Mushrooms

This garlic mushroom recipe is a quick and easy starter, which is delicious served with fresh, home-made bread or bread buns - or even a side salad. The mushrooms are full of vitamins and minerals and the garlic is bursting with detoxifying and immune system boosting properties, so it's pretty good for you, too.

Garlic Runner Beans

The garlic and butter beans add a creamy flavour to the runner beans. This is a lovely way to serve runner beans, particularly if you're getting bored with just steaming or boiling them.

Garlic Soup

This is, strictly speaking, a garlic and potato soup, but we call it garlic soup because it has so much garlic in! By roasting the garlic before using, it's much less pungent and has an even more delicious flavour.

Herby Seed Bread

Herbs and seeds can transform a simple loaf of bread. Baking your own is actually surprisingly easy, especially once you’ve practised a few times.

Home Made Beans On Toast

Homemade beans on toast are packed with flavour and taste quite different to the canned variety. They're a wonderful treat for lunch or a light supper.

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

This yummy soup recipe, generously provided to us by Abel & Cole, is thick and hearty - perfect for the cold season.

Leek And Potato Soup

Leek and potato soup has to be a winter classic. And if you're not too bothered about calories, a splash of cream transforms the flavour.

Leek And Red Onion Canneloni

This delicious autumn recipe uses in-season leeks and red onions, to make a change from the usual spinach and ricotta canneloni.

Lentil Bake (With Optional Apple)

Lentil bake doesn't have to be dull! In fact, if made well, it's absolutely delicious. And it's a great way of using up any spare veg box items - or even some from the fruit bag. See the Variations for using apples, mushrooms, and carrots.

Lentil Spag Bol

Spaghetti Bolognese doesn't have to be reserved for meat-eaters. If you fancy a change, this veggie option is delicious. And it's a good way of using up spare veg box tomatoes and onions. See the variations for ideas of how to use up spare carrots, mushrooms or even runner beans in this dish.

Lorna's Celeriac and Mustard Sauce

This recipe was kindly provided for us by Crown Hill Vegbox customer Lorna. Lorna tells us that this really simple side-dish has quite a bite and is a great way to use celeriac without resorting to soup all the time.

Mediterranean Grean Bean Salad

This salad is simple to make and packed with flavour. Using the earliest French beans of the season makes it a delicious treat. Feta, pine nuts and the dressing give a Mediterranean feel.

Monastery Soup

There are many variations on monastery soup but here is one that works well with spring and summertime vegetables.

Mushroom And Lentil Bake

This variation on the traditional recipe is delicious and packed with extra nutrients.

Nut Roast

Nut roast can often seem dry and unappetising - particularly if made as an "add-on" vegetarian option on a menu. This recipe is moist and delicious. You should probably make double, so you can have some cold the next day!

Pureed Swede With Cheesy Crust

Many people are put off by childhood memories of swede – often confused with turnip. Yet its yellow-orange flesh can be delicious. This recipe tops pureed swede with a crunchy cheese and seed crust, to add some variety and extra vitamins. Also works well with turnip, parsnip or celeriac.

Red Onion Risotto

You can use red onions in place of white onions in most recipes. But here's one that we've developed specially for in-season red onions. It's great with added spinach, black nero cabbage or even kale.

Root Vegetable 'Crumble' with Cheesy Topping

This is a delicious recipe for baby or Chantenay carrots and other roots veggies. The secret ingredient gives it a warming kick. Make the most of your turnips, swedes, parsnips and sweet potatoes. You can also use celeriac or kohlrabi.

Spinach And Rocket Salad

This salad is easy to make and is great for a sunny spring day. You can add even more flavour by using the Parmesan shavings. The key is to wash and dry the salad leaves thoroughly, so the dressing clings to them, giving a wonderful flavour.

Spring Vegetable Fricassee

This dish is easy to make and browning the finished dish under a grill turns it into something special. You can use a variety of seasonal veggies, so try out whatever’s around. The vegetables suggested here are just a starting point!

Spring Vegetable Quinoa

Quinoa (pronounced “keen-wa”) is a South American “grain” – actually a seed. It’s considered by many to be a super-food, because of the balance of proteins it contains. It's easy to cook and delicious.

This recipe also uses sunflower or walnut oil in the dressing (high in essential fatty acids), so it's a super-tasty, super-healthy meal.

Tomato And Avocado Salad

Late summer is a time when many veg box schemes and home veg growers have a glut of tomatoes. If you’ve got some that are really ripe and full of flavour, then this simple salad is really delicious.

Winter Vegetable Pancakes

This is a great way to use up spare pancakes – or it’s easy to make them fresh. By rolling them into cannelloni shapes, filled with the vegetables, you can bake them and turn this into a treat of a dinner.

Winter Vegetable Soup

This soup is a family favourite. It’s a great way of using left-over winter vegetables and also sneaking a few more vitamins past the kids.

Got one? Send us your recipe!

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