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Banana When the day comes that the banana is a British seasonal fruit, we're in big trouble. Until then, at least we can eat bananas that are fair-trade, organic and sea-freighted rather than flown in.

In Season?
All year round from overseas, but if you're concerned about your ethical footprint do make sure you're buying fairtrade, organic and sea-freighted varieties.
If you want to eat them straight away, look for firm bright yellow bananas. If you want some that last for longer, buy bananas that are greener that will continue to ripen at home.
Store in a cool place, and be careful, as bananas will speed the ripening of other fruit in the same bowl, so keep them separate if you want your other fruits to last longer.
You can freeze peeled bananas whole (try dipping them in chocolate before freezing them) or you can slice bananas and freeze the slices in bags to be used in baking or cooking later.
Bananas can obviously be eaten raw. They are also used in fritters or tempura, in cakes and muffins, breads, puddings, served with custard, or mashed with brown sugar and served with evaporated milk, blended into smoothies, dipped in chocolate and frozen, dried into chips, turned into banana flour and even added to curries!

Bananas with brown spots on the skin are the best kind for baking with.

More Banana Information

Bananas may be the oldest domesticated and cultivated fruit in the world, with some archaeological evidence suggesting cultivation as far back as 8,000BC.

Bananas are well known as good source of potassium. They are also fat free, sodium free, cholesterol free and a great source of fiber, vitamin C and vitamin B6.

Did you know that banana "trees" are actually giant herbaceous plants? Or that there are also red varieties?

The word 'banana' comes from the Arabic word 'banan' which means finger.

Banana plants are also an excellent source of fibre for papers and textiles.

And finally, apparently it is true that until the early 19th Century, Hawaiian women were forbidden from eating many banana varieties on actual pain of death!

Suggested Banana Recipes

Banana And Ginger Biscuits

Faced with an opened banana that my toddler had insisted on, but then refused to eat, I decided to experiment with this recipe. I wanted to use it in some biscuits, with some root ginger, to see if you could reduce the amount of fat and sugar in them. And the result lasted less than 24 hours... That counts as a success in our house!

Classic English Pancakes

Pancakes are traditionally served on Shrove Tuesday, which is always 47 days before Easter Sunday, and is the final day before the commencement of Lent. As Lent is, for Christians, a time of abstinence of some kind - of giving things up - pancakes are the perfect food for the day before, using as they do eggs, fat and flour - foods seen as luxurious and that were forbidden for strict Lent observers.

Not so many people observe Lent these days, although it can be such a useful practice - regardless of our religious or spiritual identity - for appreciating more keenly the luxuries of every day life which we may take for granted.

A period of renunciation can help is discover, perhaps, how attached we can get to and even how reliant we can be upon certain things and certain behaviours.

Meanwhile, though, back to those pancakes!

Fruit Tempura

Here's a modern take on an old idea. This works well with bananas, peaches, apricots, apple wedges... Your imagination is the limit!

Tropical Wholefoods' Tea Cake with Bananas and Raisins

This recipe has been very generously donated to us by the brilliant team at Tropical Wholefoods, to accompany our Ooffoo feature on dried fruits. This is what the Tropical Wholefoods team have to say about the recipe:

"This tea cake is very tasty and low in fat (at least until you spread it with butter yummy). It's easy to make and if you don't eat it all at once, keeps very well in an airtight container."

Wholewheat Blueberry Muffins

Since we've added blueberries to the VegBox ingredients database, it would be most remiss of us not to include a recipe for blueberry muffins!

Got one? Send us your recipe!

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