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Stuff To Avoid

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils
This innocent sounding term appears in thousands of food-stuff and restaurant menus. Yet it is banned in Denmark and international scientists agree it can lead to cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Palm Oil
Often used to replace hydrogenated vegetable oils, palm oil sounds innocent enough. But the environmental impact of its production is impacting poor communities and contributing to climate change.

MSG - Monosodium Glutamate
Used as a flavour enhancer in thousands of foods and restaurant dishes, it causes hyperactivity in kids and other frightening side-effects.

GM Animal Feed
Did you know that a huge number of non-organic chickens and livestock are fed Genetically Modified food? This gets into the food chain, meaning you could be eating it, too...

Once heralded as the dieter's dream, this artificial sweetener was once listed by the Pentagon as a biochemical warfare agent. Do you really want to eat it?

Do you know about a food-baddie we should all be avoiding? Tell us via the contact us page.
By the way, all these food nasties are banned or strictly controlled in certified organic food. Want to find out more?

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